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 Posted: Mon Mar 19th, 2007 03:10 am
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James Longstreet wrote: Slavery was already on the decline in the 60's, I hardly think it would have lasted into the twentieth century.  Brazil ended slavery somewhere in 1888, and the South was much more developed than Brazil.  And, if you'll recall, the North's war aim was not originally to free the slaves.  In fact, the Emancipation Proclamation was probably just a motive to keep Britain and France from coming to the South's aid.  And you can't really say most Northern soldiers were appalled by slavery.  I mean Lincoln was no Dr. King.  He was a man of his time. 

"If I thought this war was about slavery, I'd resign and offer my sword to the other side."--U.S. Grant

Slavery was not on the decline in the states that would become the CS; the reverse was true.  There was no economic, cultural or religious incentive to do so and w/ the going price of a good field hand at approx $1000 in 1860 slavery was a sizeable monetary investment.

As to the flag; what does it truly stand for?  Some would say treason and racism... I tend to disagree.  I see the CBF as a symbol of a desperate time and an attitude of standing behind something (right or wrong) when all hope is lost.  Call it perceverence or simple stubborness.  If the person flying it is honoring ancestors that is one thing.  But when is a set of white sheets is hanging (pun intended) in the closet w/ a nice set of eyeholes cut in... I would truly love introducing such an individual to a short drop & sudden stop courtesy of a tall tree & short rope.  I guess the irony of the role reversal would be too much for some.  As it is I figure the ultimate irony for such a person would be judgement to discover God as black & a woman. 

The quote attributed to Grant is a false quote.  He never said it; its been bandied about the net for years but that doesn't make it a legit quote.  IIRC it got started on a League of the South site quoting a supposed Democratic pamphlet... which noone has ever seen an original of.  The foremost scholars of Grants life have repeatedly debunked it... but it keeps turning up. 

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