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 Posted: Mon Dec 12th, 2005 11:29 pm
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I truely wish I could say because this has really sparked my interests. I did manage to find the article on the Washington Post's website today and was shocked that they ran the article yesterday and my local paper ran it Saturday as I explained in the initial post. The title's different, but what I've read it's the exact same article, so if you want you can check it out here:

I really would love to know when this book is to be reissued because it sounds like it's going to give those of us who have not been as fortunate as yourself to hear Mr. Rawlings speak on the subject some insight into an element of the war that we may over look. Even those who have been so fortunate would no doubt love having the book for the insights it provides. I mean, I typically don't think much about the holidays that would have been celebrated during the war and that's rather foolish as both the soldiers and the home front were affected by the war when the various holidays did roll around. In one of my books I've got a picture of soldiers at an Easter mass in the field, but beyond that picture I never take the time to think of what they might have done for Easter. What traditions were there for the holiday? Was it just a day of prayer or did they have a feast to go with it? What about the 4th, did they do anything special for it? Here's a book that let's us get a glimpse of what at least one holiday was like during this time and how the war woud have affected it.

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