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 Posted: Tue Mar 20th, 2007 09:24 pm
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One of our members at the Drum always carries a pocketful of miniballs and grapeshot etc with him when he goes to events.  He takes it out and puts it on the table . Then when the kids come buy the tells them about the different items.  He has some that are dropped, some that are pulled, some that are flat .  It was so cool this week end to hear him talking to the kids picking up the various pieces. 

He is the gentleman that trained us about the armory room at the Drum.  As part of the training we each got to choose two mini balls to have when we are showing the kids around.  I picked up a paper cartridge at a reenactment last year to go with it to show the kids too. 

Kids were asking if the mini balls were for sale.  I said no but there was a gentleman down the aisle that had miniballs for sale by the piece.  He told me later that he had sold a great deal.  Makes you wonder what the kids are going to do with them. 

Another one of our members had her husband buy her an enfield reproducion so she could show the kids how to load a rifle when she was doing tours.   She go it for Christmas.  


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