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 Posted: Tue Mar 20th, 2007 11:39 pm
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Lutefisk... the swear filter should have caught and disembowled that one.  Who on earth likes cooked snot?  maybe that explains why the Norwegians and Swedes are so tough and the old Vikings so fierce; had to get ashore to get away from that stench... made em fighting mad.

Scrapple isn't just a Penn thing; I've had it in Illinois, Wisconsin and a time or two in  Minnesota... isn't too bad w/ plenty of good syrup.

Now as to regional dishes... wonder where in the devil I came up w/ Peanut butter & ketchup sanwiches.  Or mayo sandwiches... both staples for the poor when I was a kid.

Best Pizza I've ever had... TJ's Pizza in Clermont IA... ohhh yeah; cheese a half inch thick, sauce and toppings... dang ya'all I'm getting hungry.

Southern thing I picked up in Biloxi; French dressing on Pizza.  Thought it would be disgusting but was pleasently suprised.  Fav pizza Ham, pineapple, mushrooms & Jalapeno's.  W/ my other choice being ham & saurekraut.  The last I've only seen at Happy Joes.  Though a local pizza parlor does a Reuban pizza that's pretty good; it just ain't the same.

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