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 Posted: Wed Mar 21st, 2007 12:42 am
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Just finished Rhea's quadrilogy of the overland campaign. First, I agree with it was Grant's agressivenesss and tenasity that won the war in the east. Second, his tactics during Shiloh and Vicksburg were laudible. However, other than his constant will to flank Lee and draw him out into a pitched fight, what was so special about his debut in the east. Wilderness, Spotslyvannia and Cold Harbor were stand offs. Granted (pardon the pun), he did accomplish widdling down Lee's forces by attrition, but couldn't Sherman or any other knowlegable leader do the same. He finally resorted to siege mentality after Cold Harbor knowing no futher troops were coming. A couple of his moves during the overland campaign did catch Lee off guard but in reality who has a crystal ball and can predict the future.

Doc C

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