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 Posted: Wed Mar 21st, 2007 03:13 pm
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Whether they are dug up and not seen by the general public or never dug up, what's the difference, the bottom line is they are not seen either way.  Are you viewing these objects as sacred that should not be disturbed or are you saying you would have no interest in finding such relics?

BTW, I don't relic hunt but don't begrudge anyone else's right to do so as long as it isn't impacting an area of historical significance, i.e. battlfield, major camp, park land of some kind, etc.  But if someone digs up bullets, buckles and buttons on priviate land what's the harm?  In the best case, they'll share it with others as an educational tool.  In the worst case, they will horde it and it will not be seen, which doesn't seem to be any worse than buried in the ground and never seen.  Most of the items these folks dig up are a dime a dozen and nothing of lasting historical consequence.

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