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 Posted: Wed Mar 21st, 2007 03:36 pm
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You are correct about Johnny's Sweep the Kitchen, good stuff!  Good pizza may be found in a lot of places and is certainly an acquired taste, I've found good stuff everywhere I've been, here's the run down for the places I've lived:

College Station, Mama's Pizza (OOB :()

Jackson Heights, New York-Dadono's Pizza

Sacramento-Rico's Pizza

Shreveport- Johnny's


Austin area- Barris in Pflugerville or Reale's in Austin

But the best by far came from my hometown of San Diego at Venice's Pizza (OOB too but the chef opened his own place and it is just as good just can't recall the name of the place in El Cajon)

Of course my mama and my wife make stuff just as good as any of those, making their own dough and sauce from scratch.

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