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 Posted: Thu Mar 22nd, 2007 04:43 pm
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You know that after the war the flag was furled and the men who furled it intended it to stay furled. However, we are where we are and we allowed the flag to be used by racist bigots and now many people see it that way.

Very well said, Lieutenant; bravo!

My first exposure to the CBF was some time ago when it was used to incite support for Governors Faubus and Wallace. That was a taint on the banner that's lasted until recently when some particularly persuasive gentlemen convinced me that some honestly use it to honor men who valiantly fought under it with their brothers. That we can see today that their "country's" cause was faulty does not detract from their sacrifice.

Unfortunately, the stain remains and will never be overlooked. Fly it; don't fly it. The damage is done.


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