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 Posted: Thu Mar 22nd, 2007 10:34 pm
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OK, it looks like everyone has had their fill of pizza now!

Just a quick warning - Doc C, I'm gonna hunt you down and have you make me some spicy, spicy Louisiana gumbo.  You've been making me salivate like hungry dog watching a person eat steak, every time you've posted about food.

But, OK, we have had our fill of food for the time being.  What about drink?  Who likes to drink what, and how much, LOL?  Doesn't matter if it's buttermilk or mead, elderberry wine of spring water, Rebel Yell or Wild Turkey (if I recall correctly, Joe likes Maker's Mark, and Johan Steele like Southern Comfort - for breakfast, LOL). Let's quench out thrist together now!

Ready, Set, GO!



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