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 Posted: Sat Mar 24th, 2007 03:54 am
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JDC one day someone asked me if I wanted milk and with out thinking I told them yes sweetmilk please. The look on the face was worth it, they had no clue. There was in our house growing up Sweet milk, Buttermilk and ole blue john.
know what that was?

I like buttermilk but only when it is fresh from the container right after it is opened Johnny Reb has buttermilk on their menu . I always order it when I go there .

Diet Coke-Cola is my usual drink of choice. Not a drinker any more Now Johan's Southern Comfort and Dr. Pepper though did catch my eye. hmmmmmmmm

Most favorite thing , don't laugh , is my latte nonfat no form please. I know I am a Californian what can isay born and raised here.

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