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 Posted: Sat Mar 24th, 2007 05:52 am
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Hullo, Susan!

I believe that Mr. JDC has gone to a reenactment for the weekend, I think he charged us with keeping the board up and moving in the wee hours?

He is probably sleeping out in the sweet open air tonight, and preparing to photograph in the morning, with or without a dose of sweet milk. 

You know, I KNEW you had mentioned that you drink diet coke, and I forgot to include that in the very short list of "I know who drinks what" that I posted earlier.  It's just that bourbon and Southern Comfort are so much more lurid, they stuck in my mind more - please forgive me.  Bad Joanie.  It's the barrel for me.  At this rate, I shall never escape all my sins of omission and extremely stupid verbal emmission (if you haven't seen the thread, don't look, I'm so mortified that I'm eating Ben-and- Jerry's Scrapple Ice cream - OH, The Humanity! - , and comptemplating the error of my way with every bite.).




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