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 Posted: Thu Mar 29th, 2007 09:00 pm
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Coy wrote: We poor western theater fans.  Reading about the 'no casino' victory in the USA Today I see that the CWPT had classified Gettysburg as one of the countries most-endangered battlefields.  Give me a break....Gettysburg endangered, from what?  If the CWPT wants to see battlefields in danger why don't they look to Tennessee.  Look at Stones River/Murfreesboro.  How about Tullahoma?  Franklin?  CWPT needs to spread their fight.  Mobilize toward the west and save some western battlefields.  Gettysburg endangered? Indeed. SIGH



Kevin S. Coy

The CWPT does look at Tennessee and "western" states. Just look at all the land they've saved at Ft. Donelson. They looked at Stones River a few years ago, but there was like a $20+ million price tag.

I'd say the good folks in Tennessee need to look in a mirror. Aren't all politics local? What are they doing to help preserve their own land? Blame the washed-up rocker for the destruction of the Jenkins House. Blame the locals who don't care if Murfreesboro is Nashville's little bedroom community.

You mention Franklin. Who's fault is it that they decided to build on land near the Carter House where some Academy was leaving or build on land north of Winstead Hill? Who helped turn the tide there, not only getting preservation-minded people on the county council, but also helped with turning a golf course back into something more resembling a battlefield park?

Given everything we know, it shouldn't be any surprise if more attention is paid to battles that happened to be fought in the East.

I just hope that all of you are putting your money where your mouth is. I've given, whenever I could, to battlefields as obscure as Mine Creek in Kansas and Parkers Crossroads in Tennessee to the well known ones like Ft. Donelson and Fredericksburg. Next time they ask for money for a Western Theatre battlefield, I hope you write a check with as much zeal, if not more.


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