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 Posted: Thu Mar 29th, 2007 11:01 pm
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While the park owns about 6,000 acres where heavy fighting occurred, the battle took place over 25,000 acres, he said, and he'd like to see as much preserved as possible.
"The budget hasn't been there in a lot of national parks for land acquisition," said Mary Goundrey of the Civil War Preservation Trust. "Really, the first step is getting the land preserved, the second step is making it look (as it did during the battle)."
The park hasn't had land acquisition funds since 2001, Lawhon said. There are privately owned areas within boundaries where the park would like to do more rehabilitation, she said.
About 19 percent of the acres in park boundaries are not owned by the park and are unprotected, Lawhon said.
"Those lands are threatened, possibly, by inappropriate development," said Cinda Waldbuesser of the National Parks Conservation Association. She'd like to see future funds dedicated toward land preservation as well as adjusting park boundaries to encompass some historically important lands that currently lie outside the park.
For example, Camp Letterman, east of **********, was a makeshift hospital during the battle, but it isn't officially part of the park, she said. Much of that land has already been developed, according to the park service.

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