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 Posted: Fri Mar 30th, 2007 06:18 pm
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Digger wrote: Ultimately, the North's financial well being depended on tariffs, and forcing the south to purchase goods from the north.  This was the main reason for the pressure put on the south by the north.  Slavery was at the time not the primary focus or reason for discord and tension.  Massachusetts had a law that forbade "freedmen" from settling within it's borders.  Sounds pretty darn racist to me.

Remember, the slave trade was started by, and profits were enjoyed by the north.  Don't be foolish in thinking that the North was innocent in the institution of slavery.  In addition, the North only abolished slavery, as it was an unworkable model for thier economy.  Instead they created indentured servitude, and treated the irish workers worse than slaves.  Beatings, evictions, slums, etc. were typical. 

Have you ever read the words of the Politicians themselves; the Declaration of Causes are quite clear that Slavery was at the forefront; it's detailed in the CS Constitution and made patently clear by the words of Stephens the CS VP and others.

Tarriffs are a feel good smoke screen propogated by the Lost Cause after the war.

The North was not innocent; nor did the US start the War or Secession.  The war was started by the CS over slavery... paint it any way you like but Slavery was the root cause of Secession.

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