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 Posted: Fri Mar 30th, 2007 09:11 pm
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Hi DW,

IM am now more intersted in this Mansfield site. Is there a local org. that excepts donations and how do you accomplish this

 But then the Gettysburg Casino thing happens and Lighthizer is all over that spending money and getting his face in the news because, yes, it’s popular.  No land to procure there but CWPT was all over it-- two faced again IMO.  But what do you expect from a career politician and media hound?  Don’t

You cant see the differance between gettysburg and mansfield. Do you think the casino idea in Gettysburg was a threat to the area? What would have happened if the CWPT didn't interveen? Gettysburg would have looked like Vegas.

Popular is not always correct, just look at American Idol and the Ponyhawk Kid (BTW, I don’t watch but hear stories ;)). 

I agree American Idol

I’m just jaded by this "the east is best and west is less" attitude that seems to even prevail on this board.

I never said that, like i said before, my wife and I went to Tenn. to visit as much civil war sites as we could(we also had to do the country music hall of fame, which was nice) I believe that some of the western battlefields are just as important if not more than some of the eastern battlefields. But, you have to admit, some battlefields in the west and east were more important battles than some other lesser know sites. And some of your bigger sites have a lot more casulties  which playes a big part in presevation.

I would like to read more on Mansfield since I dont know much about it. please forgive me.[url=http://If you could,, let me know if there's a web site on this battle and give me an address to help send a donation. I like to spread the wealth.

Thanks       OLD SORREL

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