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 Posted: Fri Mar 30th, 2007 10:47 pm
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  The view of the Confederates who fired on Ft. Sumter was that it was in South Carolina, and South Carolina was no longer part of the United States. Therefore, it was the US government that was illegally on their territory.

  The attack on Ft. Sumter was both foolish and unnecessary. To achieve the removal of Major Anderson's garrison, the Confederates only had to wait him out. He himself told them when he would have to evacuate the fort. But at that point in time, cooler heads could not prevail. Thus, the Confederates handed Lincoln exactly what he was hoping for, an attack on a US installation.

   With this gift, Lincoln was able to rally public opinion to raise an army for the invasion of the south. Before that, there was some sentiment for letting the: "Wayward Sisters" leave peacefully. Now attitudes hardened. Jefferson Davis' wish to be: "Left alone" would not come to pass.

   One can only speculate how things would have transpired if the southerners had respected federal property, and offered compensation to the US government. I do not think that it would have mattered to Lincoln. He would have found some other excuse to act against him, since accepting secession was out of the question for him.



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