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 Posted: Sat Mar 31st, 2007 10:55 am
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As to the specifics of Mansfield, yes they bought some land a few years ago but as to the current crisis with the mining they will not provide a dime to help the legal action, only publicity.
The CWPT's unofficial motto is "We buy dirt."  OK, if the dirt isn't for sale, or is beyond the CWPT's budget, what else can it do?  Raise public awareness to stimulate the locals to start their own organization (as other posters have mentioned), to pressure the municipal and state governments to take action.  How do you raise public awareness?  Through publicity.  Public opinion sometimes is more powerful than money.

Example:  Some years ago Di$ney wanted to build a theme park near Manassas National Battlefield Park in Prince William County, VA.  Oh yes, with all the plastic robots reenacting the battles, etc.  "Just think, all that history, right here on our own fake battlefield.  Lots of wonderful jobs for everybody."  Uh-huh, seasonal jobs at minimum wage, zillions of traffic on clogged roads.  Disney completely underestimated the power of public opinion and was laughed out of town.  They gave up.

There are other ways to preserve historic sites besides buying them outright.  Historic easements, tax breaks for private owners who agree to protect the sites.  But those methods require municipal or state legislation, which, again, will happen only if the voters demand it.


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