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 Posted: Sun Apr 1st, 2007 04:06 am
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Howdy y'all.

I'm a reenactor from Missouri. I'm with the 3rd Missouri Infantry CSA. I'm rather new...and currently the youngest one in my unit at 19. I still have my modern glasses which is the only farbish thing I wear got my GGGGgrandmas old specticles to fix up so that should end my farbish ways...

I'm from a pro-southern family. My GGGGGrandpa rode with William Quantrill in the Burning of Lawrence. My GGGGUncle fought for the 1st and 4th Consolidated Missouri Infantry. I had many other family members in the War too.

I'm a GGGGnephew of Daniel Boone. (I have documentation. Just in case y'all call me a lair).

I love the Civil War...oviously... My speacility is Border War (Bleeding Kansas).

My favorite generals are Robert E. Lee, Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, William Cockrell, and Sterling Price.

I love listening to other people's opinons or facts. I love to chat... I like to argue a lot about the Border War..due to the fact the Winner ALWAYS tells the story.

Most people tend to think the Confederates were bad. Both sides where both good and evil. Just depends how you where raised. My step dad is from an all northern family and my bio-dad and mom where all pro-southern.

Your obident servant,


P.S. Don't blame me when they run out of treats now..

Looking forward to fight you yankees and fighting along side my brothers in arms!


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