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 Posted: Sun Apr 1st, 2007 06:49 am
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Welcome to the board.

Ahhh William Cockrell - Missouri Brigade  A fine group of Lads. 

Being that your in the the 3rd Mo. Infantry  .. have you heard or read anything about Chaplain Edward McKendree Bounds of the 3rd Mo?

Chaplain E. M. Bounds  was kinda a short stature of a man about 5'3" and always carried a big knapsack to releave some of the burdans of the men in the ranks. I believe it was at the Battle of Franklin were one of the Irish lads  in the brigade  said "look at the wee little man attached to that huge knapsack."  Also  at the Battle of Franklin . Chaplain bounds tried  to  call  those to christ that he could as the men in Cockrell's brigade  and went into the battle  walking backwards.    While tending to  a man who had been wounded near the works Chaplain Bounds  was wounded and captured.. 

I wont go into all of his life  but will just say he was truly amazing god fearing man and wrote like 20 books on prayer.

I found out about him from a close friend of mine David Fraley who is the historian and assistant curator at the Carter House Museum in Franklin, Tennessee.

I cant find my book on the chaplain right now  But its E.M. Bounds (Men of Faith) by Darrel D. King  its a wonderful read and I highly recomend it.

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