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 Posted: Sun Apr 1st, 2007 11:59 am
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 Hi, Actually I have both books and both speak well of General Thomas as a general. The Education in Violence title is a reflection of the idea that Thomas received such an education in his miliatery career and what he did with that knowledge on the battlefield. He has actually had a number of books written about him since his death in 1870, although nothing recent,  not since about 1968. One of the problems with getting a handle on him is that he is put against the Grant/Sherman/Sheridan trio, and at least two of them (Grant and Sherman) conntributed to the "Slow but reliable'' repuation he has. Another is as I understand it, due to General Thomas himself. He had instructed that his personal papers be destroyed after his death, an iunstruction that was unfortunately carried out al to well. So what is known about him is primarily through his official papers and the memories of others.

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