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 Posted: Sun Apr 1st, 2007 03:05 pm
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Shadowrebel wrote:
Johan Steele worte

The US was attacked... war started.

The Confederate State of America were defending their rights..... war started.

The rebel flag is not a symbol of racism, only the people who use it for that purpose are promoting racism. The flag is no more than an historical symbol of an army and country that fought for the freedom it felt they deserved.



The Decleration of Causes is quite clear on exactly what Rights were being defended by the CS.  Freedom & Liberty had not been threatened when the opening salvos were fired.  A few fire eaters wanted Secession and a war; they got it.  THey were plotting and planning it in 1859... at least.  A minority of wealthy Powerful politicos made a powerplay and failed.  600,000 odd Americans paid in blood... they didn't.

THe Rebal flag most see for $20 at your local shop is not a flag of the CS that ever flew over a field of battle.  It is a flag villified, coopted and corrupted by the Klan.

The CS did not represent freedom, IMO quite the reverse is true.  This is why:

Jeff Davis was never elected; he was appointed by his peers.  Yes, he was on a ballot; he was the only name on said ballot.  That is not an election.

After 1862 the CS resorted to forcible Conscription because not enough men were willing to join the CS Army... they did not want to fight what they saw as a rich man's war and poor man's fight.  All of those 1 year enlistments were made durational enlistments because the CS govt realized they were about to have a crisis because of a lack of re-enlistments.

If a man owned 20+ slaves he was exempt from conscription and also able to end his enlistment and return home.  At an average coat of $1000 for a field hand... wealthy people certainly.

The CS govt consistantly failed to pay their troops from May/June 1864 on.  W/ many never being paid again after Jan of 1864.

Every member of the CS Congress was a slave holder.

The CS incorporated an internal passport sys; w/out a passport an individual was liable to summarily arrested and imprisoned w/out trial... man or woman.  The cost of a passport... ruled out most of the poor and the hassle it took to get one ruled out many more.

The tithing sys that paid the bills of the CS govt & fed the Army hit the poor and middle class far more heavily that the wealthy plantation owner... IIRC members of the CS Congress were exempt.

Etc., etc.

The CS Army had the highest desertion rate of any Army in US Military History, exceeding 60% at times.  The average CS soldier voted w/ his feet.  When Sherman made his march through Georgia & SC; there were more CS deserters in the area than CS troops.

THe lost Cause under men like Early did a superb job of rewritting & distorting history... along w/ plenty of outright lies in the mix.  The reality of the CS was a far cry from the Lost Cause Mythos. 

I might agree w/ you if people flew the square flag that was carried by so many Regts of the ANV or Cleburne famous one... I would be even more inclined to believe so if I saw an ancestors name or a Regt's battle honors.  That would be honoring an ancestor's courage & fortitude.  But the modern "CBF" isn't.  The flag I see most often doesn't even copy a flag carried by men on the sharp end.  Instead it is a flag immortalized by the Klan of the 20th Century; a symbol of the Lost Cause and everything it stood/stands for.  If you want to memoralize a bunch of stay behinders that wouldn't know the difference between a Lorenz or a Spencer and profitted from Secession then fly the CS Natl flag.  If you want to memorolize the MEN who did the fighting and dieing on the sharp end fly a copy of a Regimental flag actually carried into battle.

I fly the flag that has flown over more liberations than any other in history; a flag that stands for freedom.  She may have been sullied and stained a time or two... but she represents freedom in a way no other in history has and it is not a wannabe CBF.

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