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 Posted: Mon Apr 2nd, 2007 02:51 am
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calcav wrote: The CBF is not our flag. It never has been. It was the flag of the veterans of the Confederate States of America, and theirs alone. They would unfurl their flags at reunions, a practice which was fitting and honorable. They are all gone and their flags have gone, for the most part, to museums. This too is fitting and honorable....
...It is well known that a radical element of society kidnapped the CBF to be used as a symbol of their racist agendas. Displaying the flag out of the context of education is an invitation for confrontation and controversy. The in-your-face display of the CBF does nothing to honor the true veterans who served under the flag. And isn't that the point? To honor our ancestors in a fitting way? Personaly I will take Father Ryan's advice to let it rest. After all, it was his flag.

I wish I were half so eloquent, calcav.


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