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 Posted: Mon Apr 2nd, 2007 11:25 am
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Texas Defender wrote:

   Ole, I agree that the SOUTHERNERS considered maintaining a balance in the Senate to be more important than the number of House seats they had. But I still believe that many in the north considered that the slave states had more House seats than they deserved to have because of the 3/5 Compromise. It was, after all, a compromise made to gain the support of the southern delegates at the Constitutional Convention. It worked to the advantage of the southern states.

Well said, TexDef.  The 3/5 compromise also increased the number of electors each slave state had in the Electoral College.  The result was that 8 presidents were from Virginia (don't ask me to list them, please), and a good many others were sympathetic to the South.

I'm not sure, but I understand that in some states, you had to own land to be eligible to vote.  Nifty way to keep the common riff-raff from interfering with your politics.  In other states, where industrialization made land ownership irrelevant, the owner of an iron foundry and the workers in a garment factory had the right to vote.  These are just some of the many factors that went into that horribly confusing mix.


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