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 Posted: Mon Apr 2nd, 2007 11:52 am
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Johan Steele wrote:  THe Rebal flag most see for $20 at your local shop is not a flag of the CS that ever flew over a field of battle.  It is a flag villified, coopted and corrupted by the Klan.
If this flag is the one causing all the controversy and an actual flag of the CS then ban that flag not any use by the Confederacy.

Johan you are entitled to your opinion and I respect you opinion but, IMHO my answer to the following is:
The CS did not represent freedom, IMO quite the reverse is true.  This is why:
Jeff Davis was never elected; he was appointed by his peers.  Yes, he was on a ballot; he was the only name on said ballot.  That is not an election.

There are many people who are unopposed in election and that does not mean their election is not valid. George Washington for two term, only because he decide to leave after two, come to mind. He was unopposed and not even on a ballot. The rest of what you post I do not see what it has to do with freedom.

THe lost Cause under men like Early did a superb job of rewritting & distorting history... along w/ plenty of outright lies in the mix.  The reality of the CS was a far cry from the Lost Cause Mythos. 

This need further explaining as I do not wish to assume what rewritting and distorting and outright lies you refer to.

I agree that if you wish to honor the people of the Confederacy by flying a flag it should be an proper flag.

I fly the flag that has flown over more liberations than any other in history; a flag that stands for freedom.  She may have been sullied and stained a time or two... but she represents freedom in a way no other in history has and it is not a wannabe CBF.

Again, I do not wish to assume; what flag are you speaking of?

I repeat that a flag is nothing more then an historical symbol and only people make things symbols of hate. IMHO, you must take things in the historical period it came from.

I realize some of this discussion is not for this thread, as I stated in my reply to Ole. However, you also deserved an answer, as does anyone here, to a well stated post. Again I respect your opinions and rights to them.



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