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 Posted: Mon Apr 2nd, 2007 06:58 pm
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David White wrote: is one site working the issue but they are trying to be the "good cop" and use friendly persuasion to get the mining company to listen to reason.  If you want to help the "bad cop" go after the mining company, send money to the Austin Civil War Roundtable:

Indicate you want the money to go toward the efforts to stop the mining at Mansfield.


The world powers ignored the what might bes at the end of WW1 and now we have the mess in the Middle East to contend with as a result.  But if you want to talk only the what happened, Texas was spared the ravages of the war and basically jump started the southern economy via cattle and agriculture, then oil and finally high tech after the war.  The influx of people to Texas from the north and south because Texas was spared was tremendous and caused this boom.  Now for the might have been, if Banks wins at Mansfield he is pulling his own March to the Sea along with Sherman destroying east and central Texas, so it is no longer an economic Mecca after the war.  Hopefully that is not too Newt Gingrich.

I don't think you'll be able to convince me of the magnitude of "what could have been" at Mansfield. I'm afraid that even your best efforts will be for naught.

(And Banks is clearly no Sherman.) The brilliance of the March to the Sea may not have been how devastating it was to the Confederate War machine as it was the logistical feat of moving such a large army, in enemy territory, and keeping the army provisioned, motivated, and intact with no communication with the Federal gov't.

Banks was a lousy general who I doubt would have been able to pull that off, even if it was on a smaller scale, if he wanted to.


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