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 Posted: Mon Apr 2nd, 2007 07:11 pm
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David White wrote: Yes Lighthizer told us a year ago we buy land we don’t get involved in other preservation activities, come back when you have land to buy.  Okay well and good; we accepted that response.  But then the Gettysburg Casino thing happens and Lighthizer is all over that spending money and getting his face in the news because, yes, it’s popular.  No land to procure there but CWPT was all over it-- two faced again IMO.  But what do you expect from a career politician and media hound?  


I thought about this statement more over the weekend. Perhaps if that is what Lighthizer said, given the circumstances, I suppose he and they still have a right to alter their mission. I also thought of the fact that they made a specific plea for money to help fight the casino. Meaning members had a choice.

Now, perhaps they diverted some contributions to this, but I think it would have to be a very small percentage. Membership dues are supposed to go to specific areas (salaries, mailers, their quarterly magazine, travel expenses, fixed expenses, etc.), and other funds generally go to specific battlefields. I'm sure they have some overages from their various petitions, so maybe some of that helped pay for No Casino. I really don't know how much they spent on No Casino. At least it looks like the money was well spent. Had the casino won, they might want to at least rethink any future strategies that would be similar in nature.

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