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 Posted: Tue Apr 3rd, 2007 02:48 pm
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1. I'm not really sure what an apology really accomplishes. For one thing, any apology I've heard, whether it's from Japan or Germany, has come off as sounding forced, hollow and insincere. THAT, perhaps, is the harm an apology could do. That and bringing up all wounds and maybe creating new ones.

How can an apology, from a current gov't, have any bearing on what happened to those who aren't even around anymore? The whole idea of reparations is so ridiculous that I can't even imagine anyone could call it a good idea with a straight face. You can't specifically quantify what effect that slavery may or may not have had on any American in the present.

2. It's probably easy to be all self-righteous about slavery now. One must wonder where your principles might be if you lived in the south in the 1800's.

And, slightly unrelated but with significance, is it only a 'black and white' issue? Is it fair to say that a future General, who only inherited a slave thru marriage and later set him free, without compensation, is the same as someone else how owned dozens of slaves and/or sold slaves?


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