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 Posted: Wed Apr 4th, 2007 12:39 am
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"The Irish had policies directed against them as well "No Irish need apply". Yet, they don't clamor for apologies, nor do they blame the past for lack of success."

Why should/would the Irish "clamor for apologies" when they have had the benefit of being fully absorbed into the "melting pot" and receiving the white privilege --which is entirely unearned --that comes along with it?

And if you're unsure as to what exactly white privilege is, or how discrimination has hampered the African American community as a whole, I invite you to read my previous posts on the subject. While my posts were not intended to be exhaustive, they will equip you with a perspective and a rudimentary knowledge that hopefully will lead you to a greater awareness and insight on the matter.

"In fact, it could be argued that blacks owe them a statement of gratitude for thier sacrifice."

To whom do Blacks owe this "gratitude?" The federal government?? Black people owe the federal government gratitude for ending slavery like a kid who spends the night at Michael Jackson's house owes him "gratitude." Sure it is a nice house but..........."well you get the point."

The U.S. federal government was complicit in the extention and maintenance of both slavery and inequality. Physical slavery ended, but discrimination, which led/leads to inequality, has persisted in every American arena, institution, and sphere. In a roundabout way, one could argue that if race-based discrimination didn't exist, there wouldn't be so many people leaving anti apology posts on this board.

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