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 Posted: Wed Apr 4th, 2007 04:32 am
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I wonder if any of those three developers had anything to do with that illegal utility trench dug on Schoolhouse Ridge, as mentioned in the Park Superintendent's comment.  That trench was on Park property, flatly and plainly trespassing at the very least.

The guy responsible can hardly claim he didn't know it was wrong, because it was dug in the middle of the night, on a weekend, I believe.  Um, if you think it's OK and legal, why dig in the dark?

I'm glad the Charles Town council voted it down.  There are some places where more development is helpful and solves some problems.  But not historic sites.  Not even near historic sites.

I've recently learned a new word (new to me, that is):  viewshed.  Has to do with observation towers and quarries and such on the periphery of a designated historic or scenic site.

Example:  The National Park Service has the George Washington Memorial Parkway on the Virginia side of the Potomac from Mount Vernon north to the Capital Beltway, and, across the river in the District and Montgomery County, MD, the Clara Barton Parkway.  The parkways are heavily used as commuter roads, but they are maintained as parkways.  The NPS mows along the roadsides, but otherwise the vegetation is left as natural as possible.

Last year, Dan Snyder, the boy billionaire who owns the Washington Redskins, somehow got the NPS to cut down its trees because they blocked his view of the Potomac from his house.  It was barely legal.  But once again, Danny Boy angered and alienated people who already are unhappy about what he's done to the Redskins.  Guy has no PR sense at all.  Hey, Dan, the trees were there before you bought, so if you didn't like the view, why did you buy the house?

Now, from the Virginia side, we can see his house instead of the nice tree cover like the rest of the Clara Barton Parkway.  So much for protecting the viewshed.


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