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 Posted: Wed Apr 4th, 2007 12:55 pm
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Javal, don't worry about it... I haven't laughed so hard in a while.  The US Army as the new CS?  Now that is choice and can only be based upon fantasy.  1.  I've known far too many GI's, in particular the elite.  2.  My own experiance in the US military.  3. Integrity runs rampant through the Army Air Force & Marines; and they know what the word treason means.  4.  Texans... too small of a plan; a real texan wouldn't settle for taking over less than the whole of the western hemisphere; they do EVERYTHING big!

Modern CS Army... white power militia at worst.  Wannabe boy scouts w/ AR15's at best.  Most wouldn't know the difference between a Mk19 & Block 40 w/out a google search and that wouldn't teach the twits how to deal w/ either.  Seize control of the US Army... I'm still laughing.

I especially don't worry too much when the writers grasp of the written english language is so... outstanding.

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