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 Posted: Wed Apr 4th, 2007 07:18 pm
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David White wrote: Indy:

Now I'm going to be a wisenheimer and ask a rhetorical question: if the locals had decided the other way, do we (the national CW community) just accept it since they have the immediate responsibility for saving it?

I know the answer for both of us.

Let me put it this way:

Preserving battlefields is rather personal for me (and therefore kind of selfish.) Now do I think of some kid 50 years from now and whether or not he'll have any CW sites to see? Sure. Do I sometimes think/act like I know what's best for people several states away? Sure, but I also think that the land where our predecessors bled is more important than who happens to presently hold the deed to the land.

Do I think emminent domain is a good tool? Usually not. Am I ok with it's use to save something like Manassas or to tear down a tower at Gettysburg? Sure.

I try not to get too psychological about all this stuff. If it means anything, I don't always feel comfortable with treading in other people's business, but I have to have tunnel vision and keep focused on what my interests are and not worry if I'm being hypocritical or not.

CWPT always says they only look for willing sellers.


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