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 Posted: Thu Apr 5th, 2007 03:49 am
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So two weeks after posting this topic, here we are again.

Folks, if you find yourself posting something and catch yourself typing "this probably deserves a new thread" (or something like that) then that's a very good sign that you should be opening a new thread.

There's several reasons. As I stated above, it's not fair to people to get an e-mail that a topic that they began or participated in received a response just to find the response is totally unrelated.

Also, it's not fair to new members who rightly want to catch up on what's been discussed regarding certain topics, only to find themselves having to wade through pages of unrelated stuff in the hopes that somewhere someone actually came back to the original topic.

Thirdly, you end up with a disorganized mess of very few topics, each with 5,7,9 or more pages of responses.

So one more time, can we please stop the thread hijacking? See how nice I'm asking? :X

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