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 Posted: Sat Dec 31st, 2005 05:33 pm
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Hi everyone,

I'm new here and wanted to indroduce myself, and tell you a little about myself.

My name is Doug Hamilton, and I live in Stamford CT. I've been a Civil War buff all my life. My range of interests include heavy artillary and naval engagements, but isn't limited to only those two areas.

I build scale models as a hobby, and have built replicas of many heavy guns using the Verlinden kits, a cut away the turrent of the USS Monitor, a few 1/600 scale casement Ironclads, and a number of figures. I currently working on a 1/96 scale kit of the USS Keokuk, and a 54 MM figure of an Iron Brigade Sargent. I also build aircraft, race cars and other subjects that catch my eye.  I enter my work in contests, and have won awards at every level of compitition, including the prestigious IPMS Nationals. I've attached a picture of my 8" Armstrong to give you an idea of what I build.

I'm currently President of my local modeling club, IPMS CT Yankee, and also hold the position of Region 1 Coodinator for IPMS/USA. IPMS/USA is the International Plastic Modelers Society here in the States. I attend Roundtable meetings here in Stamford to share and gather knowledge, and am very happy to be associated with this fine group.

Professionally, I'm Marine Supervisor for the City of Stamford, and manage three municipal marinas and related areas. We're located on Long Island Sound and have a nice coast line where my duties include maintaining all the navigation and regulaltory bouys in Stamford's waters, as well as search and rescue operations, and any other issues relating to our coastline. I've been on the job for 20 years, and am looking forward to retirement in a few short years.

I had the oppertunity to vist a number of Civil War sites in the past year, and the most gratifying aspect of my visits was the appreciation and enthusiasim my wife showed in our visit to Gettysburg. We visited for 4 days, and not only didn't she get bored with my traipsing around, she liked it, and would like to return to see more.

I'm happy to have found this site, and look forward to participating with you all in the future in Civil War discussion, and will offer my knowledge and opinions as the occasion arises!!

Semper Fi


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