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 Posted: Sun Jan 1st, 2006 03:55 am
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I agree the relationship thrown in with the fictional soldier was not needed.  It stood out in an otherwise really good book.  I was so bad, a friend won this book Widow of the South , in a raffle at our Round Table.  Since he had one of my books he hadn't returned or finished reading yet I conned him out of loaning it to me before he had a chance to read it.  The goodnew is he not only loaned it to me and I got to read it, He read and returned the book he had that he borrowed last April!!


Two books I found interesting over Christmas vacation were God Rest Ye Merry, Soldiers, A True Civil War Christmas Story by James McIvor.  It is mainly the story of Murfreesboro/Stones River .  It does tell the story of the two camps before the battle exchanging songs back and forth .  Fast read, tiny book Does also have a review of what Christmas was like in 1862 and compares it with 1861.  Some good Civil War period poems too.

The second book isn't Civil War but related.  Oh What A Slaughter, by Larry McMurtry. Another thin book  It deals with Massacres in the American West 1846-1890.  It deals with those soldiers we meet in the Civil War.  Then too there is Sand Creek . 

It mainly deals with Sand Creek Wounded Knee and Mountain Meadow .  Interesting book.  Give them both a read . 


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