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 Posted: Fri Apr 6th, 2007 02:17 pm
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No soap box, Susan, but a well-written comment about the struggle to educate our kids about history, and especially Civil War history.We need politicians, trusts , hardworking grassroots groups , all of us together to stop "progress"

I agree completely.  To extend it beyond historic preservation, it's always been our way to effect or resist change from the grass roots upward.  Think of Rachel Carson, Ralph Nader, Martin Luther King Jr.  It may take decades to change public opinion, but finally, we make it happen, by discussion and compromise.

There are few other countries in the world where the people have the power and the voice to manage their own lives and communities.  The Ministry of Education controls curriculum and teacher qualifications.  The Ministry of Health decrees non-smoking places.  The Ministry of Finance decides where the tax money is spent.  In France, the Academie Francaise decrees which foreign words are prohibited in written French.

Whoops, here I am, hijacking my own thread.  Well, I was just trying to illustrate how grass-roots organizations, local and national, really do have power.

To get back to my topic, I mean our Civil War preservation community.


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