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 Posted: Fri Apr 6th, 2007 11:48 pm
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indy 19th wrote:One "exception" though, is that people come and go. The battlefield, if it's preserved, stays there forever. People relocate like never before. A lot, more or less, are just there for a blink in time. I'd hate to think that a handful of board members come in, do their damage, and then move on to somewhere else.  Same thing with developers.

All that being said, I'm not going to stop making donations to preservation organizations.

Excellent point, indy, about move in, dig up, move on.

We must consider the effects on our future generations.  Most people hate studying history because they think it's so dry.  Well, if taught dry, sure.  But kids learn by doing.  Take a group to a battlefield, march them around for a while, order them into line of battle, pretend to shoot, and tell them which ones just got killed.  Let the music class study Civil War tunes.  Let the arithmetic class caldulate how many wagons to deliver how much food and ammo.  Let the geography class study the rivers and mountains, coastlines and forts.  Let the science class study how much forage, hay and grain, to keep a mule healthy and strong.  How many calories a man needs when he's marching, camping, and fighting.

If it can't be included in the curriculum, form a history club through the PTA.  These actions aren't directly related to preservation, but just think how baffled the kids would be if they couldn't go to the places.  "Daddy, did they really fight in the mall?"  Reasonable question if you're 11 and have can't visualize that the mall was once farmland or woods.

I'm not opposed to growth and development.  Heck, my condo building is in the suburbs, where would we live without new housing?  Just don't do it in places where the damage is irreversible and harmful to us all, like wetlands along stream valleys, and historic sites.


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