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 Posted: Mon Jan 2nd, 2006 07:27 pm
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The   historical  period, as  to  to the actual  war(1861-1865, is not  taught in public schools,  unfortunately, even in  undergraduate  schools, by the  time the professors reach  the  1861-1865  historical period, the semester has  reached  its',  for   seroiusly  interested  students,  they  have to   take  a  specific  History course  which  deals  with  the American  Civil War.    Many  of these  courses   will deal   with  the  underlining  causes of the  rationals  for the ACW  to occur, but, as  to  actually  covering the  Campaigns of the  period, 1861-1865, the  college  student will  have to   read  the military  Campaigns all, on their own  time.

When I took  my  specific  history course on the American Civil War, I  came  to the unfornate conclusion that my professor  knew  less  about the actual military  campaigns of the  Federal and Confederate military leaders of the actual  historical period than what I already knew from my own serious  studies  as  a  young boy and  teenager, who grew up in Norfolk, Virginia.   My  college  professor  was  more interested in the economic, socio-political, cultural, and  "other" forces leading up the onset of  the  American Civil War.


I  was   disapointed for  having  signing up for the undergraduate college  course.





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