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 Posted: Tue Jan 3rd, 2006 04:53 am
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I think in some ways both the North and the South are still fighting the war. I currently live in New England, though I spent a little over half a decade living and going to school in Virginia, the Carolinas, and Alabama as I was growing up. And let me tell you, I never had this feeling of folks really feeling contemptuous for the other side until I moved up here. At that time I had a lot of the kids picking on me for being from the South and telling me that everyone down South are looser for simply loosing the war. Loose a war and you're useless. Never mind that the war had ended more than a hundred years before or that the couldn't give me a single good reason why being up North was so much better.

Now I was never the most popular kid in school, though at the same time I was far from being the least popular by the time I graduated from high school. But I think in some ways as some of the kids got to know me better and as they grew up and learned more about the war, both helped them to realize that there is no need to see everyone from the South as now being loosers because of something that happened over a hundred years ago.

Though we did have one real idiot in my senior year. This kid seriously told everyone that we should nuke right off the map everyone who had ever been our enemy in the various wars we'd fought. And he wasn't joking around either.

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