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 Posted: Tue Apr 10th, 2007 08:11 am
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In conclusion, if slavery doesn't matter in America, then nothing matters --not religion, not education, not economics, not politics, nothing. As Dr. W.E.B. DuBois once said, "the problem of the 20th century will be the problem of the color line." This is still true in the 21st century, and you can present no evidence, save your opinions, that seriously dispute this.

54th: It's really kinda neat that you can bring our attention to the toubles caused by racism. Note, I didn't say slavery. Slavery was over (well, officially if not actually) quite some time ago. And I will not deny that few "colored" ever got a fair shake anywhere in the European-dominated world. In anthropological terms, different means danger. Different is inferior. In ancient Nubia, the semites were inferiors. In ancient Rome, everybody was inferior. It's a human conditition and, if there's anything that can't be altered, it's human nature. Given a trend toward consciously giving a "different" ethnic the benefit of the doubt, it remains that the first, human reaction is "different."

In the history of this country, different was marked by ethnicity. Ethnicity can be masked or overcome, as in the case of the Irish and German immigrants, followed by the Scandinavians, Italians and eastern Europeans. It was hard for them in the beginning, because they were different. But, because they were not colored, they got a break. Colored meant inferior and the road was considerably more difficult. But to use colored as an excuse is unproductive.

Being colored is an obvious handicap. It is not an excuse. Too many coloreds have overcome that handicap and risen to greatness -- or, at least, to highly enviable position -- to hold that it can't be done. Wallowing in the disadvantage precludes an effort equal to what others have done. Although I can sympathize with the disadvantage, I cannot accept the blaming of everyone else for a lack of progress. The recent influx of different peoples and their success in achieving their dreams absolutely demonstrates that different is surmountable by earning a part of the dream.

Instead of complaining about discrimination, overcome it.

I will apologize about using the possibly offensive term of "colored." I just don't know of an unoffensive term. When I was young, it was colored or Negro. Then it became "black." Now, I understand it's African-American. That term, I will not accept. It's divisive. One is either American or one is not. There is only one country in the world where you can go and become one of them: America.

The problem has and always will be the color line. So what's new? Can't very well change that. Jump over it. Others have.


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