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 Posted: Tue Apr 10th, 2007 08:13 am
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E Pluribus Unum

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"The significance of receiving an apology from the Virginia state legislature is that it brings the hope that other ex-slave states, north and south of the Mason-Dixon, are also ready to seriously assess the impact slavery has had and continues to have on this country."           Remember the 54th

"Your argument is really rather silly, if not absurd. One can't possibly contend, on a website called "civilwarinteractive', that the current government and its constituents need only to be concerned with current events." Remember the 54th

54th, We could discuss from here on out how slavery impacted our country in the past.  Everyone on this board has a passion for history and many of us have a passion for preservation.  That's why we are here on this particular board.  I underlined the "continues" in your first quote above to show that we both agree that current issues are of importance.  We would be ignorant to say that if an issue did not derive from slavery then it falls under the "current" events and therefore should be ignored.  Change is what you are after, right?  In my homogeneous way, I give this post with all do respect for your thoughts and respect for those who have successfully made positive advancements for the African American community.


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