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 Posted: Tue Apr 10th, 2007 11:49 am
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"I'm sure this will be viewed as "inflammatory" by what so far appears to be a rather homogenous board community, but that is of no consequence to me. I feel this needs to be heard, and if you disagree, then why have this forum in the first place?"

We have this board so you can be heard. It's existence is not dependent on whether a majority agree or disagree. If you read the thread from the beginning, pay attention to my posts on the subject, as well as one or two others. You'll see that I agree with you. The fact that 95% of the folks here disagree with us is just the way it is.

"Slavery isn't important or worthy of an apology? The only way one could really believe this, in my opinion, is if they are either a white supremacist, or if they really don't know much about slavery."

With this statement, you come close to showing the same sort of intolerance that you accuse others of holding. Argue the facts (which you do well and eloquently), but don't attempt to characterize other posters.

"I'll assume Mr Joe will remove that post, and most likely, this one, as he probably should."

In the many years we've run a board, I can remember actually removing only 2 posts. Only one person has ever been banned, and that was just last week. I take pride in believing we have one of the most courteous boards on the net. To keep it that way, I'll sometimes jump hard if I perceive a personal attack. Other than that, I show as much tolerance as I possibly can.

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