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 Posted: Tue Apr 10th, 2007 01:15 pm
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Like Susan, my interest in the Civil War is recent.  I've lived in Fairfax County, VA, since 1965 and never noticed the war was all around me.  In August 2005, idle curiosity led me to a living-history event at Sully Plantation Park, an 18th-century house and museum which belongs to the county.

For the skirmishes that day, there weren't enough blue uniforms, so some of the grays changed to blue to balance the numbers.  Four Federal cavalry, and one Confederate 3" ordnance rifle.  What a thrill to talk to the artillerist and actually touch the gun.  One of the cavalry riders was a young woman; she answered the questions of all the little kids, let them pet her horse's nose, it was terrific.

Here I am, almost two years later, I've visited 13 battlefields from Gettysburg to Chickamauga, collected and read more than 100 books, joined two round tables, and am a member of two "friends of xxx" type of support organizations.  Also the CWPT.

Since I have no Civil War ancestors, and no information to start research, I don't have much interest in genealogy, heritage organizations, regimental histories, etc.

I'm in so deep that I'll never get out.  I've met so many fascinating people, in person and online, it's a whole new universe that has changed my life.  I never dreamed retirement could be so much fun.


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