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 Posted: Tue Apr 10th, 2007 09:30 pm
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What got you interested in the CW?

Right now, I'd have to say good luck. I remember as a kid a trip to Lookout Mountain with my parents and getting a Confederate flag and hat and seeing the model layout of the battle that was originally housed in a building called Confederama. They still have a similar model on top of Lookout Mt. and I think it's now called the Battles for Chattanooga. It's still pretty neat.

Beyond that, my interest lay dormant for so many years. I don't think I saw the movie "Gettysburg" until about 1999. I'm not sure what awoke my interest. It might have been that computer game called Civil War Generals. I took my first extensive vacation in 1999 and went to Nashville, Chattanooga, Stones River, Kennesaw Mt., Stone Mountain, Knoxville, and Perryville.

Who'd have thought this would grow into an obsession?

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