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 Posted: Wed Apr 11th, 2007 05:33 am
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remember the 54th

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"My Confederate Veterans were all slaveholders.  I am neither embarrassed nor apologetic of this fact..."

Though it doesn't surprise me that you are neither "embarrassed" nor "apologetic," your reaction is exactly what I'm talking about. As I type this I know I am clearly guilty of stereotyping, but the point is, I have heard so many white people utter similar admissions, out of what I assume to be sheer arrogance and antipathy, that it must seem to any common observer that as a group you simply have no moral conscience or compass. You can't forgive or forget 9/11, or the South losing in the Civil War, but literally millions of Native Americans being decimated by edict of the British and U.S. government, and millions of Africans being enslaved, or hundreds of thousands of people in "third world countries" being raped and robbed of their natural, environmental, and human resources should all just be forgotten about, without so much as AN APOLOGY?

Wow!! If I am wrong, meaning, if you do not share the views and opinions of JDC Duncan, or Indy19th, or undoubtedly countless others, please feel free to share. Though this is not intended as a sweeping generalization or grand indictment, of my words or tone, "I am neither embarrassed nor apologetic..."

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