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 Posted: Wed Apr 11th, 2007 03:12 pm
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Apologies come in several flavors, what are you thinking is needed?

1) A regret that slavery ever existed?  I don't think anyone but a small percentage of the country (who don't matter anyway) would have a hard time with that.

2) a Mea culpa that I am somehow responsible for what "My ancestors" did to your ancestors by enslaving them?

3) a Mea Culpa and financial payback with interest on the profits derived from slavery by my ancestors to be paid to the ancestors of slaves?

The question then becomes how public and formal would you need 1 and 2 to be (3 would be by its very nature public and formal)?  I would think one and two are pretty hollow apologies.  Still, #2 will stick in the craw of the throat of some people who feel they have no responsiblity for the sins of their fathers or thier fathers did not even commit the sins.  Would we have to check everyones anccestary to see if they need to apologize?  What about black families that owned slaves, would they need to apologize?  So where does this leave the apology where it makes sense?  As to 3, many will say we have indrrectly done that with the affirmative action policies of the government since the 60s and that some opportunities have been disportionately been provided the descendants of slaves at the expense of poor whites.

Can we just crucify Don Imus for our sins and be done with it ;)?

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