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 Posted: Wed Jan 4th, 2006 11:07 pm
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Well my stars and garters as Grandma used to say! That's him for sure.

Elmo's the name of the town all right, although "wide spot in the road" might be a better description. My descent is through whichever one of the Honaker daughters married someone named Calfee, which was Grandma's maiden name. I really do have some more information on the family but all the papers are at my sister's place in northern Illinois, not handy here in W. TN.

I begin to understand some of the fascination with genealogy after all. It's a pretty amazing feeling to just sit there and discover the name of ancestors two more generations back. :)

Sorry this all has been of no particular help in your efforts to track YOUR Honaker ancestor. All I can think of to suggest is that if he rode with John Hunt Morgan, there might be records along the route where the Great Invasion passed.

Indiana and Ohio have both done work in recent years to mark the route, distribute driving-tour style brochures and otherwise promote the event for tourism purposes. Unfortunately nobody could come up with enough money to preserve the site of the Battle of Buffington Island where most of them were captured, and it is slowly being destroyed by a gravel-mining company.

Thanks again for your help, and best wishes on finding a photo of your fellas. :)

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