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 Posted: Sun Apr 15th, 2007 06:09 pm
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I'm currently reading a book about Quantrill.  In the book Cole Younger is being discussed.  As I was growing up in Lee's Summit, MO a few miles south of town was a house owned by the Youngers.  In the book they are talking about how Cole made a union officer mad at him and his dad tells him that he needs to go either to school in KC or to the farm in Jackson County (the one I remember) to get him away from being arrested.  The book said that his dad was one of the wealthiest men in MO at that time and actually owned 5 farms in MO.  It doesn't say whether Cole went to the farm or to school.  About 10 or 15 years ago, for some stupid reason, they decided to tear that house down.  Every time when I was younger and I'd go past that house, I'd have to look and use my imagination as to what it looked like back in those days.  I never did get to go take a look around in it or through it, which I really regret now.  I did have some friends that had went through it and said it was neat and had bullet holes in the walls.  It was never opened to the public and I was always worried that if I did go look at it, that I'd be arrested for trespassing or something.  It just really made me mad that they did should have been restored or something and made into a historical landmark or something!!  Why tear it down, it was a piece of history and especially local history in this area.  What a waste!!  When I was reading that in the book it reminded me of it and made me mad again and I was just wanting to see what others thoughts on the subject were. 

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