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 Posted: Mon Apr 16th, 2007 02:14 am
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Not that I know of. I know there where was a few 16-19 year Colonels on both Sides.. Youngest Yank General Was Brigadear General Pennypacker and I forgot the Confederate General but he was 20 I think it was Rogers..Or something I dunno someone correct me if I'm wrong...but Pennypacker was 17.

My Distant Cousin was a Major for General Sterling Price of the Missouri Brigade and Missouri State Guard. (I recently discovered this) My GUnc has his side arm.

But as for the 14 year old Colonel. It could happen but I'm from Marietta,GA(Kennesaw Mountain) where I was born and I moved to Missouri and I don't remember anyone telling me about Kennesaw Mountain there being a 14 year old Colonel. So I dunno.

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Pvt Benjamin MLW (MOCONFED)

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