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   I know of no 14 year old colonels in the war, but there were a number of officers who were in their teens.

   The youngest known was E.G. Baxter of the 7th Kentucky (CSA) who was made a lieutenant at the age of 13. Here is some information on boys seving as soldiers during the war.

Boys In The Civil War

   The youngest colonel on the Confederate side was probably Henry King Burgwyn, Jr. of the 26th North Carolina. He was made a major at the age of 18, and at 20 was made a colonel and given command of his regiment. He was 21 when he was killed while leading the regiment.


UNC Virtual Museum : Item Viewer

   On the Union side, Galusha Pennypacker was just past his 20th birthday when he was made a colonel. He won the Medal of Honor at Fort Fisher, and in April of 1865, shortly before his 21st birthday, he was made a brigadier general of volunteers. He was the youngest general in our history, and his record will likely stand forever.

Galusha Pennypacker (1844 - 1916) - Find A Grave Memorial


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