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 Posted: Fri Apr 20th, 2007 08:07 am
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Sam was referring Deas Brigade but my understanding his name ways pronounced as Days..  And at times you see it spelled that way.

The Alabama state bird is the Yellow Hammer hence  Alabama  troops  were nicknamed
Btw.  Deas Brigade was made of  Alabama troops (19th 22nd, 25th, 39th, 50th Alabama infantry & 17th Alabama Battalion Sharpshooters.)  
Not sure about the Possum Grin comment. -  If  I recall right  Deas' Brigade had more men then rifles going into the battle..   I cant recall the casualties for the brigade but .. the 22nd Alabama  suffered of  50 % casualties.

The Twenty-second Alabama .. Went into action with 31 officers and 340 men; aggregate 371. Killed: Officers, 5; Enlisted men 39. Wounded: Officers 10; enlisted men, 151. Missing, none. Aggregate killed, wounded, and missing 205.
I had three relatives in the 22nd Alabama but only two were at Chickamauga one had died in Dec of 1862. But that's a different story.

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